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Organic Living carries a nice selection of replacement furnace filters not like the normal filters.  Our filters filter out allergens, odors and chemicals. Our selection includes sizes and features required to help your furnace achieve optimal performance.
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SafeHome Duo Furnace Filter
SafeHome Duo Furnace Filter

Using a blend of high density carbon with powerful FormaldaSorb, SafeHome Filters provide the only replacement filters capable of removing difficult odors and many of the most harmful chemicals in your home. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and ozone.
Chemical or Chemical/Allergen Furnace Filter
SafeHome Systems Chemical or Chemical/Allergen Furnace Filter

SafeHome furnace filters are the first residential air filters to trap hazardous chemicals as well as allergens. The Duo offers the same allergen, odor, and chemical removal as the SafeHome System.